Hey, I'm looking into buying a valveking, because i need a cheap tube. Just wondering if it can give me something close to an As Cities Burn type of dist.
thats exactly the sound i'm going for, i think cody uses a bogner and chris uses a marshall i think,
i'm trying to get that sound too but i have a b-52 at100.
haha but anyways i would just try some different amps in your price range and try to get the sound. look used
i know chris actually uses the vox ac series. but im probobly gunna buy tha valveking, a nice as cities burn tone would just be a bonus.

CODY uses the vox, chris uses the marshall jcm
b-52s are better than the valvekings.
really in just about every way in my opinion.
an AT112 is better for what you're going for.
might be a little more expensive, just look used.
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