Im trying to place a killswitch in my guitar and have run into a problem.
i already have the switch in place between my volume and tone knobs, and it has 2 posts for leads. I have no electronics experience but looking at other diagrams for 3 position switches my best guess was right as far as how to connect everything.
Now for the problem im having. My guitar has a 5 position PU selector but its not like any of the others i have seen diagrams for. all the poles coming out of the selector are in a lline and are not staggered . i have heard that ibanez uses a special switch to make their tone different than other guitars but i cannot find any diagrams besides the ones on Ibby's site, wich i cant get access to because i need to install a japanese language pack and i dont have my widows disc so it wont let me DL it.

i hope someone can help me, if i need to post more info or pics let me know, im trying to get out of having to take it in to the shop.