Hello, I know nothing about guitar action, but when i let my friend play my rubbish cheap guitar the other day, he told me that i should change my action because it was too high.

I'm guessing that means the guitar strings are too close to the neck?
If so, can you offer any help on ajusting my action (bearing in mind i am getting an Ibanez RG2550E-GK soon), what action does and what you would reccomend for that RG I just mentioned.

if your action is too high it means the strings are too far away from the fret board, making it harder to play as you have to press harder for the strings to go down.

If you have a floating trem, you need to take a small allen key, and there should be 2 allen key shaped holes at either side of where the strings go into the guitar, twist those so that the whole bridge moves firther down.

If you dont have a floating trem then there are numerous different ways to make the bridge lower, its not hard to work out.
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