I need opinions on this guitar, I've only played it once at a guitar center andit played pretty well, good sound and good feel. If there is anyone else who owns or has played it before can you please tell me if this is a guitar is should get.

Anyone who has never played it before, please follow this link and give me your opinion.

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I've not played one but I seriously considered getting one. It seems to get really good reviews everywhere. In the end I opted to get a strat as I just knew more about them. I may still get one of the Artcore range in the future. The only downfalls I've heard is that some of them will need pickup upgrades and the wooden body is maybe too thin. But as I say, I've yet to play one myself. They seem like a really good range of guitars for the money, especially compared to its competitors. Good luck choosing a guitar!
Artcores are EXTREMELY well mad guitars. Very solid and rich. To be honest, you can't really go wrong with one, especially for the price.

EDIT= I think that particular model is full hollow. Look into the AS series.
The AM73 is a semi, just like the AS series, only smaller. The maple is as thick as any other semi I've played. The AM's are great guitars. Much better than what the price would lead you to believe. The flat black is a horrible color choice on this guitar though IMO, but if you like it...
I have read comments on other forums that the flat finish is layed on a little thick and you can hear the difference compared to the earlier gloss finishes.

The ACH pickups are decent, but can be a little muddy.
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Wow, didn't know that about the AM. Learn something new every day.