I posted the beginnings of this a while ago. So. I've finished it, and I think it came out quite good. One my favorite pieces I've written in quite a while. Came out to be 6 minutes. If it gets repetitive, someone tell me. However, I feel like I've varied the drums enough...

Crit for crit, and whatnot.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
Don't have anything to crit for you but um thats really impressive. I can picture a well known band coming up with something like that. Very good work!
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Awesome. Very epic. It seems kinda long, but Im sure that vocals will help with that. I love that arpeggio in the chorus. Great job, Im impressed
I'd agree, it's a bit long for my tastes, but once there's some vocals over the top it'll probably work better. The bassline is friggin' awesome, and the drums are really powerful sounding, I can imagine this sounding amazing live. Especially like the way the intro builds up with the whole band entering bit by bit, again that'd work really well at a gig, get everyone going!

Oh and if you've got a spare moment, crit ours? Probably not really your style, but if you could just give us a general impression? Cheers.
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Thanks guys, I'm proud of this one. Glad you like it.

versusforever- I'll crit yours soon.
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
quite good, nothing I'd normally listen to but I I have to say it's good.
I really like the breakdowns to the choruses, how it builds up power and then releases everything. that's impressive.

the drums are well made, and so are the bass.
the keyboards sounded well too.

the Bridge II could've done well with only two repeats, and as for the solo bar 138 sounded just strange. Too fast.
Can be great with lyrics, but as I said it's not what I usually listen to...
You like it
Nice work you got there... Your main riff is catchy but i think it could use something more. on that first guitar I would add alittle lead at bar 10. The Break is perfect and i liked it so gj there. Your verse is also very well written so nothing to improve there :P. Your chorus is great I would change it cause its simple and beautiful . Bridge II is great. Your solo though at bars 135-136 has very cleashe and boring notes :P The solo defenetly needs more work.everything worked except your solo


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i really liked it. i even liked the synth it added alot of embience and atmosphere. i dont think the solo lived up to the rest of the song however... still way better than anything i could hope to do any time soon.

could you give me some advice on my stuff? im very much a novice and could use the advice to a great extent, thanks
this is my song. i made it out of music. please help it grow big and strong by criticising it mercilessly