OK, well lately my whammy bar has been making weird noises. When i barely twist it, it makes these weird creaking noises and it sounds like it is grinding inside. Is there any way i can fix this or could you tell me what the problem is so i can fix it?
First off why are you twisting it? It could be that you have it too firmly set in place. It could also be that you forced it to thread improperly, have you tried taking it out and threading it carefully?

Aside from that, is there anything in the hole to obstruct the path of the trem arm? (obvious but I have to ask)
well i took it off to put in my gig bag to bring to a friends house. and i was twisting it back in and the noise started happening. and when i pick it up to actually use it is loose and squeaks and the pitch in the sound doesnt really change that much when i use it. Yes i have tried putting back it in to stop it several different times and no theres nothing in the hole.
Sounds like theres a bit of dust/dirt in the threads that's causing a bit of friction. And the friction is leading to a bit of noise. Try spraying the threads of the trem arm with a bit of WD40 then screw it in/out a few times. Repeat this once or twice and it should go away.
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