I have just found the guitar of my dreams, an old vintage piece of work, in desperate need of tlc. I though am looking for an acoustic electric, but this guitar is not. My question is before I buy, is it at all possible to take a already made acoustic and convert it into an acoustic electric. Cost is of no matter, so if there is a way, all the answers would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks.
put on an acoustic element and plug in, cheap things, you must have known that.
Get a pickup installed, or a piezo, or both really.
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Wait, a second, you could get a special acoustic pickup, it goes over the sound hole, and gives you the same result. I think that's what you just said, Fi-Fi, right?
I just converted my old acoustic to an acoustic electric. I used a passive Dean Markley Barstow piezo undersaddle transducer. I put it in myself. It even comes with an endpin jack. Then to save from having to cut into the side for a preamp, I bought a Fishman GII outboard preamp. Its honestly one of the best acoustic electric setups I have ever used. But I also changed the saddle and nut from the plastic ones that it had to GraphTech Tusq composite ivory pieces. Now I love my guitar. Easy fix and it only cost me about $150.
i have an acoustic electric. and when i was buying it the salesman said that its hard to put electrics in an acoustic. and not like slapping the stuff on top, but cutting out wood for the eq, putting the jack in, etc. its easier to buy one.
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Its really not that hard. I thought it was gonna be, but it only took me about 15 minutes. My biggest problems were shaving down the new saddle, and I have a smaller then normal soundhole so my big ass arms had a problem reaching in to hook up the connector from the pickup to the jack. But I got it done nevertheless. And instead of cutting for an onboard preamp, just get an outboard one. That really is the easiest way and cheapest way. A decent acoustic electric is upwards from about $350. Then if you're already used to the guitar you have, you have to get readjusted to a new guitar.

And putting in the jack was simple. A 3/8" drill bit and a low speed drill. Mine went right through the stock endpin hole.
i have a Mitchell. cost a bit over $200, and is great. there is nothing i can really find wrong with it. its a beauty and feels solid.
Mitchell MD-100SCE Acoustic/electric
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Willy nelsons famous old martin was acoustic and then many years ago he had some guy install pickups in it. I read this in his autobiography but it didnt give any details or pics whatsoever the book wasn't directed to guitarists. So Willy would say yes you can convert it and have it still sound awsome. Maybe try looking up his guitar and see how it was done. Its also very interesting its got many old signatures on it and its got a hole worn through the body from playing for 50+ years on only 1 guitar.

Ive also seen a pickup that you just put in the soundhole and has a wire coming out with no modification neccisary. I have no idea if they are good brand names etc. just that they exsist if you want to research that. I don't see how it could be that great though if its just flopping around in there maybe i read the add wrong? LOL. Good luck
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They attach to the soundhole, not just flop around inside. They sound fine, at least the ones I have seen (haven't actually used one).