Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give me some insight. I'm starting to be able to play quite a bit faster and when I'm moving pretty fast and lifting my fingers off frets, for a second I can hear the open string sounding, very faint but it's there. I would think that would occur if I was pulling on the strings when lifting off but I don't think I'm doing that. Is this something I should be worried about?

Thanks in advance!
Not at all, it's just you going off the string
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your fingers will always have a small coating of sweat which, combined with the texture of your skin and the presence of fingerprints, make the tip of your finger stick to the string, hence the sound made when you remove your finger, even when not intentionally pulling off
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but yeah its fine
washing your hands should probably help and maybe dive into the art of shred where this is a huge issue with begginer sweep pickers and you will be forced to deal with it using left and right hand muting, its really hard but once you get it everything but shred will be a breeze.
Also if your fingertips are peeling they can hook onto the string causing it to ring.
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Always wash your hands before playing. It makes your strings last 10x longer.

Also, it's most likely because you haven't developed a way to mute yet. It's not something you work on it just comes to you. In time that noise will go away.
I don't mean to bump up an old topic, but I just wanted to confirm that if you lift to an open string and say wanted to take your whole hand off the guitar you'd have to lift your finger up not off the string but just to mute it for a second before taking it completely off, right?