I got an SG not too long ago and finally needed to change strings. And when I did it, the little things fell out of the bridge . Does this normally happen and can I just put them back in or what? I don't know much about this thing.
So just pop the little things back in and restring it and it'll be fine or do I need to get it calibrated and such?
completely normal
your bridge can be removed too - helps cleaning
just pull it straight up

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you'll need to intonate again anyway, pop it back on, make sure the screws face the headstock, and then check ur tuning at the 12th fret.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but the saddles shouldn't fall out. Is that what you are saying Puppet_funk, that the saddles have fallen out of the bridge piece?
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If they fell out then your missing the little wire retainer that keeps em from falling out. You will just have to be alot more careful from now on changing strings as the little retainer isnt something guitar shops stock.