Ok first off - I am using Vista 32 bit, 2 gigs ram. The interface will be using SM57s, possibly two at once. Will be recording electric guitar and vocals.

I am looking for a good budget audio interface, but all the ones I find under 200 dollars get really crappy reviews. I've looked at:

M Audio Mobile Pre - apparently isn't compatible with Vista and problems with programs

Tascam US122L - no pre-amp and horrible recording quality

With the Presonus 1394, it seems that you can't control the gain - would that be a problem?

So are there any budget interfaces that are actually decent and appropriate for my setup?

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With the Presonus, it's through software. It isn't THAT big a deal. You may also want to look at the Mackie Onyx Satellite...don't know about drivers (try their forums) but the I/O is solid as well as their preamps.
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The 1394 doesnt have vista drivers out yet but it is a nice interface for the price. I run M-Audio interfaces here and have vista. I really think M-Audio is the way to go when it comes to vista.

check this out:

The m-audio fast track USB is popular but for around $200 you can get the Fast Track Pro

FYI The satellite doesnt have vista drivers out but it is a nice interface for the price...

With any interface, go to the site and find out if you can download vista drivers for the hardware...do this before buying or youll have to sell the unit if you slip up.
I can vouch for the Fast Track Pro. I own one and I love it.
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I have the same problem, I've mainly been looking at the mobile Pre, it's got pretty good reviews on music123 and guitarcenter.com