So I was going to pick up a few SM57s for recording guitar and vocals, and I'm a noob at this. I was talking to a guy who does sound, and he tells me that although the 57s have a rep, there are mics that give you more for the dollar, or less dollar for the same performance. Anyone care to give me some names?
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well yes the 57s are great mic and they CAN do vocals but they work best when you have a high end preamp to warm them up. They are more for drums and amps.

For around the same price I suggest a condenser mic for vocals. They also work on guitar if you dont go to hard ont them. The Studio Projects B1 and MXL 990/991 are both good mics to start out with.
I use the 990 and 991 in my studio but if I had the extra cash I would go with the B1 next time.
I'd be interested in finding out what mic your friend is talking about. I'm all about bang for the buck.

On the same note, two SM57's micing a guitar cab is hard to beat in my opinion, if you're playing anything rock to metal. For vocals look at some budget condenser mics. I use a MXL V63M that'll run you about $70. For the money it is a good mic.
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