HOLY CRAP... awesome. I love the guitars at the start, and the fast drums, it all works so well together! I agree with JimmyJimi226, its really well written. Amazing guys, can imagine this being played by a real band...I wish we could write songs like this lol
Really catchy. It really reminds me of Thin Lizzy.

When the verse starts though... I'm not too fond of it until the drums and bass come in, then its really cool. Second verse is better. The chorus is really driving, and the solo is quite good. Nice incorporation of the main melody in the Solo.

Might wanna change the name though, as Thin Lizzy have a song by the title of Jailbreak.
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Aah we tried to combat that by adding the (I'm Off Again) bit, but clearly that's not really enough! Cheers for the input, we'll have a serious talk about the name thing, thanks for pointing that out
I hated the intro but the verse and the chorus was awesome. Also, have you thought of adding keyboard? It would sound really good with it
Strings on the verse and then Acoustic Piano on the Chorus. You could have the guitar and piano solo at the same time.
Not sure about the piano and the guitar thing, will give it a go though. Nice idea about having strings in the verse, can't believe we hadn't thought of that! Will mess around with it and try it out tomorrow, cheers.
Great song u got there, Only thing that is kinda of a problem is that it seems that i've heard it before. Or either i have made a riff that sounds just like it lol :P. Anyways the stuff that stuck with me is yur intro riff witch is catchy. Your solo cause of bar 90 was a nice bend there hehe. And your chorus was great. 8.5/10. It may not sound original :P but its still a nice song. Thnx for your crit on my acoustic song. Can u crit my metal song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=883338
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ironically, thats not really my style, just whats easiest to write for me, only becasue its so technical haha

this was
i love this kindof music, to death
great intro awesome chorus, verses werea little too mcr-y but thats cool, and an awesome solo

the only that kinda set me off was the link bits before the chorus, although, they probably sound better on real instruments

overall it was great nothin wrong that was big and nice and memorable
great job, just make that link sound better on gp
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Hey, thx for your crit!
I really liked this! The verse sounded really cool and a cool vocal line on top of it would make it perfect! Same thing goes for the chorus, it was great! I also liked the fact that you don't limit yourself to powerchords (like in the chorus)!
The solo was allright I guess, it was simple, but fits the song so there's nothing wrong with that. The last 4 or so notes in the solo sounded wrong though...

Overall I really liked it, great rock song! 7.5/10