Had to listen to this on the MIDI, but it's sounding good! It's the kind of song that I can imagine a reasonably well-known band writing - it flows nicely, the playing's relatively technical and there's some great concepts in there. Would love to hear it recorded with some vocals, I can imagine that it sounds immense! Judging from this, can imagine this song going down pretty well live, it's definitely a big venue song lol. Yeah so overall, like it!

Crit ours? Not really your style, but if you've got a spare moment...Cheers!
haha that was awesome man, all the parts were really well written i loved the intro and the harmonizations were awesome and the drums were good, and the leads were awesome
Crit Mine? i have it in GP and MIDI, the finished version is about halfway through the thread and thats the one u should crit https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=881861
awesome song btw just great!
that was awesome man, i love a bitta deathcore, although the synth in the middle would be better if it was just guitar playing it tbh, it just drowned everything out.
that was pretty wicked, but the breakdown at 0:45 was weak as balls, you can come up with something better than that man.


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awesome thanks for the crit guys. i'll keep in mind what everyone said and change a couple things.

ch715dallat: are you talking about the synth at 1:15?

xwearesinking : just wanted a simple breakdown that would sound alright over the sweeps, but i agree the first part of the breakdown is a little boring. i'll think about changing it.
Critting as I'm listening...

Starts out sweet, I really really really really like it. The lead lines sound sweet as hell.
The next riff, good stuff. Really keeps me interested.
This breakdown though, blah, not good.
The sweeps that come in later however, real good stuff.
Now this epic bit, really really good. Fits well, contrasts the previous breakdown very well.
You really spice up these generic breakdowns with those sick lead lines, good stuff.
This next riff sounds pretty sweet, fits well. I can really picture the vocals that would be done for it.
Another breakdown though, c'mon do you need three?
It does sound good however.
More epic stuff, I like.
More of those melodic lead lines, I like.
I was really expecting there to be another breakdown after that ****, I'm really happy to hear that there isn't.
I'm starting to get a little bored now though, (4:50)
But I'm thinking it would sound better if it was recorded on real instruments with vocals.
The outro was sick. Good stuff.

Overall, really kickass dude. I really liked it, fairly creative and it really kept my interest. A few parts could use a little rearranging, but nothing too major. 9.5/10

crit mine?
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