If I smoked 12-15 hours before my test, would the cleansing drinks work as advertised. I am a regular smoker, and last time the drink worked fine, with just a day off in between.
But that's not important.

Basically,I am wondering, does the drink give you a window for takin a drug test regardless of your intake. I have heard legend of people smokin pretty well til the time they drink the stuff, which is an hour or so before, and passing the screeening.

The stuff I have is called STRIP natural cleanser. It's similar to omni and any of the others. They sell it at GNC and other vitamin places.

Anybody know?
Doesn't sounds like it will work to me.

Plus, they're unlikely to sell something at a health shop that will allow you to pass a legal test.
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Thanks for the help. That really answered my question.

Where else would you get detox supplies??? Duh

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Drink it exactly 90 minutes before your test, after about 30-45 minutes you'll piss more than you've ever pissed before, and you will piss clean. I've had to do this for my last 3 jobs.

I know how to dose it.

How does it do it's job?
How long do you have to abstain from smoking?
the way these things work is by the principal that if you overload your body with sugar, your kidney will focus on metabolizing the sugars out of your blood, and won't metabolizing fat cells which is how thc enters your urine.
they also contain creatin so your urine does not get flagged as diluted by the tester, and B vitamins so that your urine appears yellow, and not too watery
I dunno, but start working out, and drinking tons of water. Also, take this to the drug thread.
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Its hit and miss really, if you really want a way to avoid testing positive for marijuana PM me and I'll tell you exactly what I did, which worked, but I warn you now, you will need to make a few pit stops on the way to the drug test.

Also depending where the job is, some employers dont even care about marijuana.