Hey guys,

This is my first post, and I don't speak English as good as you, so be indulgent

I'm 18, I'm a boy, and I live in Switzerland, where I speak French. I've been playing for 2-3 years now, and I finally recorded my first two songs, with Logic Pro, which I bought (wallet: ouch), and my new macbook (wallet: re ouch).

I recorder myself the voice and the guitars, and I used a midi keyboard to make drums, bass and others...

I have never taken any singing lesson in my life, so please don't bash me on that

The first song on the playlist - Somewhere in your mind - is the newest song. I think it's the better of the two, because it's more worked. The second song - You are within me- was my very first song on the net, but not my best song.

Thank you for you 10 minutes of listening and writing!


PS: I first posted this on Promote YOUR band, but aaciseric told me to post here!
Oh cool I got mentioned. By the way I have listened to your songs a bunch more times and there both still awesome.
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the answer, and sorry for my late answer!

A professional, working at the Swiss Radio, selecting Pop Music going on the air, was ok to listen to my music, and to give his point of view. I was actually pretty surprised!

He said that it was good, except for the voice. That's mainly because of that, that they couldn't put this kind of song on the air.

He was pretty impressed, and I'm actually really proud!

And I also bought a new micro, a professional micro... But I don't have the strenght to record again... Holy ****, It's a lot of work... I'll probably record the voice of "Within me", because I'm not good with this version...

I'll let you know!

By the way, I listened to your songs, jayant412, and even if it's not my style at all, it sounded pretty good! Nice job!
Hey guys,

After 3 months full of silence, HERE IT IS!

My third song is available!

I worked a lot on the bass, and the structure of the song, and i tried to be good swhile singing!

Hope you'll like it!

Let me know what you think, thanks :thumbs:
Hey dude, I really enjoyed your tunes, really like the style. All this talk about the singing, I thought it fit the music really well!
Thanks man, that's really nice of you!
But what didn't you like? There has to be something you didnt like! ;-)