ok you guys can rag on me all you want for like a7x, but I was curious about this guitar. Has anyone played it before and if so how did you like? Also, is it worth the money or would you recommend another guitar for that same price ($1100)?
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Well I fking love A7x but not at the point of buying their guitar. And I dont see the point of buying any band's gear.

But its a nice guitar but its the same guitar as the vengeance but with custom graphics And the Vengeance Custom is the same as S-1 but with real JB instead of Duncan Designed and has a tail instead of string-thru.
I've played the normal schecter s-1 model and I can tell you I like the feel and sound to it, but his signature pickups/guitars I havent played and I bet I'd like them even better too. I've read that the guitar is the exact model he plays on stage, so you should be set. Only problem I can see with it is it doesnt have a tremolo (which isnt too big of a problem) and make sure the people around you dont mind you having a 6661 on your guitar (some people might mind).
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That guitar is about $770 retail so if you can go up to $1100 you can find something much better.

Oh and get a new amp...