My pickup configuration is a Seymour Duncan SH-4 in the bridge, Seymour Duncan Sh-2n in the middle and a Seymour Ducan SVR-1 in the neck.
I play many, many styles, basically anything.
So are there a better combination that can handle everything from blues to metal to funk and everything in between? I've heard bareknuckle pickups are really good but any other brand suggestions are welcome as well.

-Neck pickup will probably be used for funk, blues, ska and reggae mainly. That might be my main clean pickup as well.

-Middle pickup will probably be used for my more bass-oriented blues sounds, low-gain distorted tones and more darker sounding cleans.

-Bridge pickup will probably be used for metal, rock, punk, and other high-gain distorted tones.
Bareknuckle is better than SD.

But, Lollar is supposed to be really good too.
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