Hey, I was looking for some advice from UKers on music colleges and universities doing music courses, and also on what action people think I should take.

I'm planning on staying in Ipswich in a couple of years when I go to uni or music college (I'm taking a like two year gap year ) and I've checked out a few places.

Obviously, the big three in London of Trinity, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music all look good, and demand Grade VIII on primary instrument preferably with Grade V on piano.

However, I've found a place much closer, The Colchester Institute. It does courses from GCSE level all the way up to a Masters in music, and I only need Grade VII on a singular instrument to go.

Now, I'm planning on studying electric bass and double bass as my primary instruments, and I think I can take grades on them to Grade VIII in three years (I already play them both, but haven't taken anu grades), and to Grade V piano in around the same time if I push myself hard.

The question is, do you think I should wait three years, apply for the big three as well as Colchester, or just get Grade VII (which I should do in two years tbh) and stay with Colchester? A degree is a degree, but I don't know how the places match up against each other.

1) What course of action do you think I should take?
2) Any feedback on any of the places?
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to be honest, I thought they were awful. I mean some of the songs our drummer's written was better than their stuff.
number 1 a degree is definatly not just a degree. they dont have examining bodies they make them themselves so everyone is different so the better ones degrees will be better degress .

2> a two year gap year. they gunna think you lazy boy.

3. good luck with the grades