Because Zimbabwe is in the spotlight at the moment I incorperated it into my final exam piece. This was the animation bring projected into a box I made.
Its President Mugabe comparing himself to hitler and then his opposition talking about the recent election.

Please let me know what you think.


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that is totally awesome. makes me wanna go learn about whatever its referring to
Haha thanks guys.
Yeah I wouldnt think it was everyones piece of cake. But thanks for watching anyway.
Haha the swastika is the wrong way around apparently. Cba to change it though
I thought it was pretty good but you should have drawn it out just a little longer; it sorta ends very abruptly without any closure.

Well done though.
That's great

I'm surprised to hear you say Zimbabwe is in the spotlight, it hasn't been mentioned in the news here once!

It's pretty scary reading the articals on BBC | Africa

"Robert Mugabe warns Zimbabwe's war veterans are ready to fight to stop the MDC gaining power, state media report."

58 MCD party members have been murdered since the election began, and Morgan Tsvangirai is hinding in England.

It breaks my heart reading all that. I remember what a beutifull country it was when I was little. I hope my grandmother stays out, atleast untill all this has died down.

I loved the way the words flashed around. It was all very well done.
Btw, what program did you use?
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Excellent, funny how Mugabe has dropped out of the news breifly here. Oh well Wayne and Colleen have replaced him, they're just as important.
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Thank you guys soo much for all the good feedback!
My teacher wasnt meant to tell me yet. But I think i got full marks for it

This is one of the front covers/posters I did. I think its the one that came out the best.

That was brilliant.
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