As part of my 'product design' course, I get to design and build pretty much any product I like.

Unless anyone thinks this is going to be a disaster, I'm pretty much set on doing a pedalboard with an 'inbuilt' power supply unit. I would like to have this finished in around 6 months.

I'll be updating this thread with ideas and developments as I go along

Any help/suggestions are MOST welcome!

I have sectioned the project into three parts.


Ok, so I admit, this ain't gonna get me many marks, but I need something to put on the thing! As you can see, I don't as yet have any pedals, or an amp that can take advantage of them. Don't worry, I'll be looking into amps soon (Laney VC30/Peavey Classic 30) but I don't see why I can't start planning the actual pedal choice now. In any case, the number of will most likely affect the type of power supply i end up going for.

I'm going to start off with what I assume (probably wrongly) to be the 'essentials' for a versatile board. I can always purchase more specialised pedals as I progress. Here we go-

14/06/08 - UPDATED

Morley Mark Tremonti Power Wah

Ibanez TS-9

MXR M109 6-Band EQ

EHX #1 Echo

EHX Small Clone Chorus

For the patch cables, I was looking at Planet Waves' Pedalboard Cable Kit, as I have been impressed with their instrument cables. Good choice?

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

Every minute is to be Grasped........................................................................Time waits for nobody.



Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

Every minute is to be Grasped........................................................................Time waits for nobody.

for the power supply, just remember that most pedals only require 9V, so just add up your mA, leave a couple hundred to spare, and you should be fine.

I actually just built a pedal board for mine with room for two or maybe three pedals to go, and its done with thick fiberboard(gonna put metal strip supports in later), and it took about two days to build....although your idea of designing before (instead of during like i did) is much better!


for clarifications sake, I meant if you have a 9V DC adapter to add up the output mA
choose the pedals that appeal to you. don't get a tubescreamer becasue they have a good reputation. get one because it accomplishes what you want (besides, the maon OD808 is better) all of the choosing of pedals depends on what you play. classic rock will garner different pedals than death metal. a good foundation would be a nice reverb, if you don't have it on your amp, a good chorus/flanger, and a delay. i would suggest the EHX holy grail reverb (it has delay on it, and is really neat). as for a 'stompbox' the metal muff is good, look at the maxon, and the boss ds series. you shouldn't need all three that you suggsted. for an eq, get the MXR 10 band, you can really scuplt your tone with it. my biggest piece of advice: buy pedals you won't have to upgrade in the future i.e. don't buy a danelectro P.O.S. when you plan on getting a nicer pedal in the future. just save up, and then it will be worth more to you when you get it
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Digitech Bad Monkey - Is it worth pushing for a tube screamer?

Why would you put a 40$ half-decent pedal in an "A-level pedalboard" Push for a tubescreamer, a good one. Check out Maxon and older Ibanez's.

EHX Metal Muff - I'm not looking for insane gain; just a tight, smooth lead rock/metal tone. Will this serve me well?

For what you described, no. This pedal is really grainy and can get muddy unless EQd right. Not sure what to recommend in this area.

BOSS DS-2 - For the middle ground between the Bad Monkey and the Metal Muff. Will it be needed? I've heard that the DS-1 model in this pedal is actually better than the modern DS-1.

Never tried it or heard much about it.

Danelectro Fish 'n' Chips - I've heard this is a good EQ pedal for a low price. True?

True, but again, why sell yourself short. Check out the MSR EQs, or even better the Moolon EQ pedal.

EHX #1 Echo - Don't know much about delay pedals. I'll only likely use it occaisionally. Good choice?

Spring for a Line 6 DL-4 if you want crazy delay effects. Or if not a Boss DD-3 or MXR Carbon copy would be best.

EHX Small Stone/Clone - As above.
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I'd be way more impressed if you made all of the pedals on your pedalboard - could be me though...
i bought a DS2 and i love it, but i hated the bad monkey!

im hoping to do a similar project in A lvl electronics
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Ok, I've revised (improved?) the initial pedal choice for my board.

I'll get round to looking at power supples later today.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Do you have any design or ideas for the pedal board? Back when I was making mine, and doing research finding ideas, i found this custom pedal board website (can't remember the name but if anyone knows what i'm talking about feel free to help out)

But the pedal boards where made out of medal, with a plexi glass clear cover, and blue LED's inside, and i thought it looked badass.

Back when I was making mine, I also wanted to install inputs into the board, so could plug your pedals into your pedal board. But i neded up not, because of complexity, money, and possible grounding issues. I'll look for that site though. but this sounds like its gonna be great

think i found it... and sorry i didn't realize all of these was part of one picture, lol.

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Like everyone here has said, I'd recommend getting a delay, and short of going all out on a line6 or boss overpriced affairs, id recommend going for the EHX #1 echo, it sounds awesome and doesn't effect the dry signal at all, so much so i trust it outside my loop. It doesn't have all the control that others have, but it has the essentials and it sounds great. If you want to go more upmarket, I believe The Edge uses an EHX deluxe memory man...

I use the bad monkey, and yes it isn't a show stopping pedal, but it's supposed to be used as a boost with as bit of OD to utilize a good valve amp's natural overdrive, it works for me. Also it is nice to have one buffer somewhere in your chain to keep noise down, and the BM has a good one. Saying this I also use my homemade booster for a simple clean boost.

As for the WAH, I can vouch for Morley, go for it.

The small clone is awesome, 'nuff said.

Also, have you thought about having a compressor, they're really useful for solos and making that really nice low gain bluesy, well, compressed sound!

The Marshall isn't bad, but i doubt it's the best for that price range, I didn't really shop around when i got it.
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