I'm looking for some catchy pop songs and overplayed radio heavy songs that everybody's heard of and knows the lyrics to. Suggestions?
Flagpole Sitta.
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aha take on me or reel big fish version
dixies midnight runners come on eileen
rem losing my religion
third eye blind semi charmed life and hows it gonna be
fuel shimmer
thats all you get from me good luck.
ok 1 more with female singer sweet surrender sarah mac love it when my wife sings that whilst i lightly strum
take on me! haha that's what i'm talking bout! thanks everyone for the suggestions so far...the crowd that's buggin me to play songs they know is of a younger type...so i'm looking for some really recent (90s/2000s) mainstream songs like "the sweet escape" by gwen stefani, blink 182, sum 41, sean kingston, rihanna, alicia keys...you get the idea
sean kingston - take you there
linkin park - shadow of the day
coldplay - viva la vida
any thing from nickelback
jack johnson stuff
green day stuff
one republic - apologize & stop and stare

these are all popular younger generation songs .. can go wrong with them
what went wrong-blink 182
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Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer (Chick magnet song)
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early beatles

All early Beatles stuff if pop, if you wanna go with that. I personally like everything they wrote after 1967, except for Yesterday, which I think was released in 1966.