Hey I just looked at that guitar today and really liked it. Do any of you guys have one or played it before. I just would like some advice because I'm really considering buying this guitar. It's being sold for $530 which is about $100 cheaper than musicians friend but yeah that's really all the research I've done price-wise.

They are amazing. I was going to get either that or the MH-400NT. I ended up with the 400 because I like the headstock.

$530 is a great deal, I would go for it.
Yo man thanks for the response. I played it for a bit today. tomorrow a friend and I are going to go play it some more and if I enjoyed playing it as much as I did today I'm probably going to buy it!
Dude, the LTD 100s are good, so I would be willing to bet the 400 would be a kick ass guitar!
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