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Vox AC15
0 0%
Ceriatone 18 watt (TMB?)
5 100%
Voters: 5.
Which would be better for led zep,randy rhoads, van halen distorton?

Also the cleans that id like would be like led zep and the stones
18 watter!

I own one, they are awesome. Perfect for what you play!
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18watter video demo

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yeah, 18 watter.
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Chea_man is the best.
if you changed the vox to the ac30 then it would be a completely different story. so i say vox ac30.
well i dont want anything really over 20 watts for volume and head room reasons, and their in the 600$ price range (the AC15 and 18watter)

And if it comes from gabe it means alot ( i have read alot of your posts in the Orange thread)

And on a second note which has more gain, a Orange TT or the 18 watter?