Im at graduation in Arab Alabama for my very best friend Bryan. They finnally call his name and his cousins and brothers blow airhorns and shout his name.

Not to my surprise he flips them off (not realizing he just flipped off the entire stadium)

the prick princple crowder gets the cops on his ass (not the first time hes tried to get Bryan arrested) And this time the cops get him and take him in.

so who has heard this story already?

how far does news really travel?
but all that about resisting arrest, cursing at the officers, hitting the principle?
Its not true, i watched the entire thing
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pics or it didnt happen...

Dude I'm in Arab like every weekend.

I should show you my pokemanz sometime.

EDIT: its funny how he's in his grad gown in the mugshot.
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well, first off he has cut his hair now, really short.

and second, he wasnt thinking when he did what he did.

And speaking of douchebag, he actually got nominated for DB of the week on Rockmmymonkey.com.