i use a line 6 spider 3 15 watt and a bc rich warlock, i dont know what kind, only 1 humbucker. i know its a crappy setup, but can anyone help me make my tone bite, i play stuff like metallica, sabbath, GnR, and a bunch of metal, can anyone help me?
you should look to the ultimate settings thread
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
for sabbath, always have your tone knob turned all the way down, otherwise mess with eq settings on the amp. that might help

edit: tone knob on guitar
put your line six on the metal setting, but turn channel volume to only about 2
then refer to the ultimate settings thread for a tone

line six is nice if you use them correctly
everyone just plays the stock amp channels and says it sucks

yea i play on all the channels, and i usually mess with it everyday, but i just dont like it very much, it doesnt suck in any way, in fact its amazing for 100 bucks, but i need to upgrade, it doesnt have the power for me u know?