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So I have recently started listening to Frank Zappa and so far really enjoying what I have heard but was wondering, as he has a seemingly endless discography, what would be the best three albums to start off with? I also know that some of them are hard to find nowadays and most of the ones on the internet coming imported from the US (I live in the UK).

Thanks for your help and time.
Hot Rats, the Grand Wazoo, & Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch.
My opinion there, but you could also get his best of CD.
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I don't like to start with 'Best of' albums nowadays as I feel it ruins buying the separate albums that the stuff originally came on.
all of joe's garage

and weasels ripped my flesh.

most of his work is classic though
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Definetly Hot Rats is my favorite................yeah it's he only one I've heard. But it's damn ****in **** ass bitch good too.
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Hot Rats, Apostrophe/Over Nite Sensation, Imaginary Diseases, Chunga's Revenge, and Wakka Jawaka.

The hard part of this question is knowing which kinda Zappa you like. He made a lot of really really bad music. I'd really need to know what you liked before I could give a good recommendation, personally I prefer his early to mid-seventies work.. Late seventies (Joe's Garage included) kinda got really silly and he over used the phaser and chorus pedals.

Hot Rats is a really good mostly instrumental album, Apostrophe/Over Nite are the perfect blends of his musicianship and humor, Imaginary Diseases is a live album from his obviously jazz fusion phase, Chunga's Revenge is just brilliant.. Wakka Jawaka is pretty jazzy, too. Also, Shut Up N Play Yet Guitar if you wanna hear some of the greatest guitar playing ever. If you started off with his work with the Mothers of Invention.. Then probably Freak Out! We're Only In It for the Money, Absolutely Free, and Burnt Weenie Sandwiches. I'd really highly recommend BWS and Lumpy Gravy.
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Thanks for the recommendations. I decided to order Lumpy Gravy and Hot Rats to start off my collection as I really like the songs Peaches en Regalia and Willie the Pimp. Lumpy Gravy I have never heard before so I don't know what to expect with that one. I want to get Sheik Yerbouti cos some of the songs on that are really good but it seems really hard to find these days along with quite a bit of his other stuff.