Danelectro DA-1 AC Adaptor 9.6v 200MA

BOSS Metal Zone MT-2
The petal has a sticker which says use BOSS PSA Adaptor only.

Are the adaptors universal or do I really need a BOSS adaptor? I don't want to fry this thing.

Thank you.
I've used non-propierity AC adapters with Boss pedals, but you gotta be damn sure the all the electrical ratings match up. If you aren't 100 positive, don't do it.


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i'm pretty sure you can't.. it's a 9.6 volt adaptor... and i'm pretty sure it's a 9 volt pedal..
match the volts and polarity.

otherwise no.

and any universal adapter that matches should work.

i suggest, you check out visual 1 spot combo pack for $30, powers 6 pedals.

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