I'm looking at getting a Gibson SG standard or '61 reissue.
Which one is better? What are the pros and cons of both guitars?
Should I consider any other SG's?
'61 Reissue for the win.

It sounds better and is built better than the standard. Also the neck joint is at the 22nd fret as opposed to the 19th (as it is on the Standard) so you can reach ALL the frets with no trouble.

Only problem is that the '61 RI costs quite a bit more, especially since they bumped up the price to ~$2100USD.
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Well what kind of music do you play and what kind of amp/pedals do you use?

Edit: oh, never mind, I thought the 61 had P90s, which makes a huge difference. Go with the Reissue if you can afford it. Used Standards are around $800 though, so keep that in mind.
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Cool, thanks guys. Looks like I'll be going with the reissue

How easy is the reissue to play? What kind of music? Rock I know, country?
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I'd say go with the 61. I love it, best guitar I've ever played. The pickups are less hot than on the standard, so they have excellent clarity, but can still get very dirty. Kick on a tubescreamer, and you can play metal on it. The neck is thinner, but still very round, so it's great for fast playing, and the cutaway to the upper frets is better than any other guitar of the face of the earth. You can barre chord at the 22nd fret. It also doesn't have any neck dive issues like the standard does, and it wieghs a little more, but is still very light. It also has great sustain.

Edit: do you want to play coutnry? The 61 will do it great, it has a great semi twangy sound, and sounds great played with a slide.


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Thanks a bunch for all the info.
SG man: yea, I play country and rock mostly.