well yeah...

I strongly recommend to listen with RSE as I haven't adjusted the volumes for MIDI....
and to have headphones or speakers where pan's come out quite good

so... what do you think?

EDIT: made the drums a bit "spicier"
You like it
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i love the half time section, the intro riff is generic but still good, drums fit but are extremely dull, the prechorus is awesome, the clean section is cool and a good transition, the breakdown is pretty good, the solo is okay, overall a good if somewhat generic song, good writing
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the finished song is about halfway through the thread
The second section it goes into (which may be a chorus) is quite good. I didn't like the verse bit because I don't like metal and that was a very metal riff. The bit where it slows down and then goes quiet and then builds up is very good aswell. Solo could have been better and longer. Good overall.
It was ok. The prechorus and chorus were pretty good, but I really didnt like the verse. The 4th harmonies dont sound good. Same problem with the breakdowns. Some of the riffs were really nice and melodic, like the halftime feel, and the heavy verse after the clean section sounded pretty good (although there was some bad dissonance in there). I didnt like the clean section. The outro could have been better, but wasnt bad. I dont think you needed that 4th verse; it just made the song more repetitive. Also, the solos were pretty good. Simple, but not bad.

Needs some work. But not too bad. 6.7/10

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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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"I AM metal"
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Critting as I listing. The first part was cool, I really like how it transitions into the Half-Time Feel part. Love it. The verse part was also cool. Again I like how you go from the more rhythmic verse to the more melodic pre-chorus and chorus. I like the clean section, and the clean verse. I also like how it transition into a far more epic, heavier part. The heavy thrash riff works good after this. The rest was also pretty good.

Well, I'm not sure how I would rate this but I could see myself listening to this if it was recorded. Also, I think vocals could really fill this out.
i realy like it w/o lyrics its a lil repetitve but the solo makes up for that try adding a lil more speed to the song tho try some different rythem patterns
Bra jobbat för det mesta. Är inte så förtjust i den rena biten, allt annat är bra. Prechorus är kanon. 7,5/10

Mostly a good job. I'm not really fond of the clean part, but the rest is good. The prechorus is superduper good. 7,5/10