Hello, I have been playing guitar for 3 years. There are many things I can do, and there are many things I cannot do as well. As I'm finally starting to piece together my own music, I am finding that I want to try to learn more, both things I already know and things I have never even heard of. I was wondering if any of you have any experience with any DVDs with lessons on them. I was looking at the Guitar Method in the style of... dvd line. I was thinking about the Eric Clapton dvd as I have always been a fan of the blues and mr. clapton in particular. Does anyone have any experience with this line of dvds or do you have any other suggestions? I would like something at the medium skill level but would also be willing to start from the beginning. Thanks.
A while back a store near my neighborhood went out of business and had marked everything down, so these DVD's were like a buck. i picked up 2 or three just for the heck of it. One was a Van Halen dvd, which proved to be too difficult because it just showed the guy playing it and slowed it down a bit, but fairly low budget anyways. The other was to simple though would have proven usefull earlier on when i was learning those things. I dont know about that line though i can say, its a heck of a lot easier to learn from a video where you can see someone doing something then just reading tabs.
EDIT: nice choice with clapton...hes one of my favorite guitarists.
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