So, I bought a Epi Dot that was made in 97 from my band teachers freind, and it is awsome, Any thoughts about it?
Has stock pickups and could probably use new ones. i need a versatile clean to metal pickup.
i've wanted one of these my self.
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

I like Fall Out Boy. I don't like you.
It was in almost mint condition and was 1/2 the normal price. CRP music rocks !
put duncans in it
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I've got a Dot Studio, it's quite nice. Built well, holds tune well, electronics aren't the greatest quality.

Why would you play metal with a semi-hollow?
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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DOT? yes! DOT studio? No.

*EDIT-Wulver no offense to you but you probably have a good one over a year or two old. These new ones have been dreadful. Shoddy electronics and poor QC. I was going to get one but I'd never buy it at store price. My GC had it marked down to $229 and I wasn't moved to get it. I'd rather buy this mahogany Johnson than a new DOT Studio. Consider yourself lucky Wulver


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