I want an amp that can do bright and punchy cleans, and a mellow upper-mids OD, for $300.

What would you suggest for SS?

What would you suggest for tube?
For SS? Hell, I dunno.... good question.... Maybe something by Peavey? Peavey's SS amps were always a bit too tinny and trebley for me, but maybe they would be right up your alley....

What would I recommend for tube for $300? Kocking over a few liquor stores so you can afford a tube amp that isn't a complete waste of time.
Crate palomino amps have nice cleans, and the OD is more on the mellow side. Id also check out the Blackheart series of amps. I just saw a 15w combo from them, which is a good thing.
Definitely check out the black heart amps.
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