ive noticed that you have some good ideas (opening riff in "If only you could see" is pretty coo) but you draaag them on (opening riff in "if only you could see" is played too many times lol).
And with vocals, i think theyre very reppetitive... its almost as if whoever's singing is singing the same melody with different words throughout the whole song.
Next song you write, put maaaajor emphasis on what your vocalist sings.
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Okay thanks man. The guy is new at singing, and we just kind alet him do his own thing, so if there is any advice you can give me into the type of song easiest for a vocalist to improve on?
I have no problem with your singer to be honest, mainly because as you said he's new to it. I somewhat agree with the above, but personally I think after a little while of being together as a band you lot will figure out what works and what doesn't song writing wise a lot easier ya know.

Your singer. He mostly has good pitch, which is awesome, doesn't sound that mature but honestly I can't say that matters at the moment, so basically my advice to him is to practice. Some random singing exercises (I'm sure you could find some on the net somewhere) done for like 5-10 minutes every other day, and I guarantee he'll be sounding better and better. Once he becomes comfortable in his voice no doubt the singing will become less repititive I'm sure.

Good job guys! Keep at it!


I just though of something else to say. Don't go changing your style just to try a find something "easy" to sing. Its always better to do your own thing, and train yourself's to play and sing the songs tighter and tighter. He CAN sing these sorts of songs, just needs to work on strengthening of the voice and stuff like that.

If you're looking for something to really test him and force him to work on his vocals then writes something that is very concentrated on the vocals... like stripping away the fancy riffs and letting the singing do more of the work.

Just some thoughts for you.
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We're a new band who've not had a solid line up and been experimenting, yes I'm aware the singing isn't great, but you know beggars can't be choosers. Any critcism is welcome thanks


I like it Come gig with my band in Manchester sometime ;D It'd be mint (Y)
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