do you have to buy a guitar with scalloped frets already, what are some guitars with some if so?, or does that come afterwards? do they cost more? also if anyone has experience with them, are they cool?
ya you have to buy them scalloped and it is more expensive

i have no experience though
apparently it makes bending and sweeping easier

I think the Malmsteen signature is the only one that comes with the entire fretboard scalloped stock. There are a couple guitars like a JEM that have the 21-24th frets scalloped as well.

Also, scalloped frets really don't make anything easier, aside from bending, all it does is eliminate the string coming in contact with the fretboard creating a unique feel that some people like.
It's actually not that hard to do yourself I believe.

All you need is a guitar, some sandpaper, and an afternoon with no plans...
I have a scalloped fretboard that I got with my guitar (But it was home done) it makes it easier to bend, vibrato, and just play over all. makes it feel really fast to me.
you can buy a scalloped neck from warmoth.com they are about 100 dollars more but its cheaper than buying a guitar w/ one already on it
If you've neve rplayed a gutar with scalloped frets (as it sounds like you haven't) DO NOT get one. They play very differently from other guitars, and you do not want to get one unless you're ABSOLUTLY SURE its what you want.
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