Behringer V-Tone GMX 1200H head?

B-52 LS-100 Head?

Fender FM100H head?

Another Question,
Which head would you match up with a cab?

Behringer Ultrastack BG412H Cab?

Ibanez IS412C Cab?

Vox Valvetronix V412BK Cab?

I like to play metal, as in Kill 'Em All Metallica metal. I need lots of gain to get those pinches. And if you don't like what I've suggested, suggest some other cabs that are between $0-$350 or some heads that are between $0-$200. I know that's not alot of money but I'm just starting out.
You can get a Marshall 1960av 4x12 used for under $300 I got mine for $200 and $150.

Its tough to get a head thats gonna cover you in those territories for under $200..

Look on the bay at heads.. Just try stuff out and make sure you get the one your the happiest with.
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Why get a half stack? I know it is cool and all but it is a pain in the ass to move around. I highly recommend the Valveking 112 for your price range, I started off playing old Metallica tunes...and the Valveking will give you the tone you desire.
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And saying that, maybe save up a bit more for a Randall RG50TC
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Hooray for crappy SS heads....

You aren't going to get a good halfstack with that budget so I recommend to start looking at combos...

EDIT: Like the Randall darkarbiter7 recommended.

dude, i say screw the idea of gettin a head for that price range. if you geta tube combo, you will have the money you would have spent on both the head and cab. go with a ValveKing 112
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Will be hard to get even a decent head unit for that money much less a good one. MGs cost more than that. 200 bucks just doesnt buy much anymore.
Dude you have 500 bucks get a metal tube combo

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