I've done everything I can to try and get tremolo picking down, and yet I can't freaking get it! I'm only moving my wrist to try to do it, i'm starting slow and trying to pick up speed, and i'm holding the guitar correctly. Is there anything I missed that I may be doing wrong?
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Its in our nature to tense up when trying to do this...make sure you are relaxed(and your hand feels relaxed). Otherwise you tense up and it tires the muscles which slows you down.
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mate, i had (still have at times) great difficulty to get tremolo picking down...

i was using the pick at a slight angle back towards me which helped a little bit UNTIL i was playing live & all fell apart...

so, now i slightly angle the pick away from me which has improved my picking. still isnt where i want to be but is getting there slowly.

the other thing that helps me is using a Dunlop Jazz III pick