Okay, so im re-doing my first guitar, a squire strat. im going to be putting some 11's on it, and i was wondering if anyone had some diagrams for adjusting the bridge so i dont get any buzzing.
hahahahahaha I have a squire strat and a day hasn't gone by when it hasn't buzzed. If you use the bridge pickup, it will buzz, no matter what you do. Sorry, but squire didn't put the most expensive pickups in the strat.
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no, not the bridge pickup, just the bridge. adjust it for 11 strings in c tuning. lol not the pickup. im getting some new ones for it anyways
you're talking about a completely different kind of buzz then metallica douchebag is thinking about. Yes, your squire is going to have a 60-cycle hum, but thats got nothing to do with your bridge or strings. Just mess around with heights of the saddles to get ride of any fret buzz. You want to get the strings high enough off the fretboard so they don't rub against the frets when your not supposed to.
You need an Allen key of some sort that fits the height adjustor's on teh bridge.
Each saddle has 2 adjustors.

1) Put the pickups so they are flush with the pickguard
2)play every fret and check for buzz. If they dont buzz, you can put them lower(allen key anticlockwise) but not too low. If it is too low, it will Buzz. if any fret buzzes, raise the action slightly and try again. Repeat on each string
3)set the pickups tou your desired height, but not too close to your strings

BTW the string heightis called the action. Lower action is usually easter to play.