Hey guys!

My new Mesa had some noise problems, but after experimenting, I found that the problem was rooted in a bad preamp tube

So, here is a GREAT noise gate for sale....really works as advertised...no tone suck....just cuts the noise out for you.

The pedal is in mint condition....in original box with all paperwork.

I'd like $95 shipped for it. Paypal is ok.

Let me know if you're interested!

This is an awesome pedal guys. Free Bump TS.
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I'll just copy an paste from my thread

Morley wah-basic wah, not switchless
Digitech Hyperphase
Boss PH2 phaser
Boss CE2 Chorus Ensemble
BBE Mind Bender analog chorus/vibrato

I also have a CATALINBREAD OTTAVA MAGUS to trade. Though I don't necessarily wanna part with it, but if it can help get somethin that I will use more, then so be it.