ok i will never have enough cash to buy a Wal. . but i was wondering is there any bass guitars that produce a similar tone to Tools bass sound. if there is could someone please tell me im going to be buying a new bass guitar soon and i mostly play tool so i would like to have a bass that has a simular sound.

oh yea and amps too.
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Well, the stuff off Aenima and earlier was sent to your ears via a Stingray (IIRC). The Tool wiki page should hold everything else.

Only two songs from Aenima are done on a Stingray, and they are "H." and "Forty Six & 2" the rest is all Wal. Tool's old bassist, who played on Undertow and Opiate, used a Rickenbacker. Basically what you want to do to get anything close to a Justin Chancellor tone is to boost your mids and treble and cut the bass just a tiny bit. Schecter basses come closer to the Wal than most I've tried, check them out.
Schecter basses. I've seen alot of chancellor imitators with Stillettos+EMG's. Start there, theres probable a bass with similar set up as far as electonics, wood, neck as a Wal.

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