Hi everybody

I need a little help, from someone that understands somethig about guitars.

I will buy a new guitar in the summer. I was searching for some cool guitars and I found this two beautys:



I like to play Metal and sometimes Rock. Please tell me the principal differences about both guitars, and in your opinion which is the best choise.

(if there are some errors in the text, forgive me, cause I don`t know how to write English very well)
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Your links don't work and would you mind telling us what gear you currently have?

EDIT: Well I can tell one of the guitars is this one, the Mustaine VMNT1
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your links don't work but if the VMNT is the high end one go for it but I dont know what teh other one is but if it is a good quality dean (not an evo or low end ML) it will do both just fine.
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A guitar made of wood?
That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!
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dude am i the only one who hates the feel of deans necks?

Probably not, but this isn't your thread to discuss it, so don't hijack.
i'd go for the dave mustaine sig. if they're anything like his old ESP it should be f'n sweet.
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I would go for the 2pickup Caddy before the 3.
But I'm pretty sure the VMNT1 is a lot more expensive.
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