Well, all my friends have told me either Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups or EMG-81s.

I feel I should get the Dimarzio X2N. The person I'm building the guitar with said if I get those to get one made before 1991 (no idea where to get one)

I'm building a guitar with only a bridge pickup, and I need a pretty hot pickup for harmonics. The tone I'm trying to get is just a crisp, not too high gain metal/rock tone. I like Buckethead a lot, and he personally uses these pickups, and his tone is what I would really like to achieve.
well, you don't want a high gain metal tone, but then the x2n is the highest out put pup that dimarzio has.
well, you'll probably want a DiMarzio Air Zone. its a medium-power pup, that is pretty nice with harmonics.

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I don't think he uses a X2N tbh,

but what wood is the guitar made of?
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