Someone local is selling a made in mexico strat 95' its pretty nice and he wants $250. my question is there any diff in a made in mexico strat from any of the others? they seem to be cheaper on ebay is why i was wondering. Also will this be a good guitar? im looking for a nice guitar before i start lessons. thanks
for 250 def get it

its a decent guitar, throw in some new pickups and you'd be mroe than satisfied

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Well here's the thing, you won't have the sentiment that the product went through an extensive quality control process, at least not one as stringent as the USA made fender models. Among other things, the parts may be cheaper, and less quality. With that said, though, you may still find a quite decent strat. I personally don't own one, but this is how most people tend to respond to this question. As for the price, I've seen newer models, in decent condition around (and once in a while even cheaper) for a MIM strat on craigslist, just make sure that you have tested and are satisfied with what it is you are buying. Do a quick inspection, make sure the in strument is well intonated, the neck is not warped, fret buzzing, check for cracks and cosmetic blemishes. If you see more than one of these things, run and don't look back, you can probably get a guitar in much better condition.
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