I know ill get crap for having this in the wrong spot, but the pit has the most viewers. What band do you guys like more Sum 41, Blink 182, or the Used. Why?
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Fall Out Boy.

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queens of the stone age.

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Blink-182 till I D-I (pronounced d-ie)

Although they are no more, they were great, but I guess now it's Sum 41 all the way....the Used aren't punk btw
from those, i'd have to say blink
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green day... no jokes

JOKES JOKES! ahaha couldn't hold that one in.
i'd have to agree with higherworlds queens of the stone age is best. they are that kind of band that is best no matter what the competition.
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meh, i'm not sure. from what i've heard, Sum 41, just because they have a metal influence on their older stuff. Blink 182 is freaking funny though, so i'd say they're about equal. i hate the Used.
Blink is awesome.
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