Hey everyone,

I'm currently looking for a new guitar and need some input. Please don't say I should get some crazy expensive one, I only have about $1000 to spend.

It's currently between these two
Gibson Les Paul Studio
And a Gibson Explorer

I currently have a mighty mite fender strat, which i'm looking to sell. I've always liked gibson guitars and I want to play heavier music...not metal, but more like hard rock.

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get the gibson les paul studio.. it's what i have.. its an amazing guitar all around. You will not be disappointed.
for the studio, you're gonna need another 200 bucks

and as you may have heard studios are hit-or-miss on an extreme scale
but its still a kick-ass guitar

Explorer is your best bet. Many professional guitarists use it. On the other hand, the Gibson Les Paul Studio is rarely used by professional guitarists
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instead of Studio, why not consider the Epiphone Elitist Les Paul?
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I say explorer because they are not as commen as Lp. But if you do get a Lp Make sure you try the one your buying because they are always hit or miss.
If you can go a little over get an explorer. If not you can always get a high end epiphone les paul or you can buy a studio. But yeah, I hear that some of them are bad so try the one out your getting before you buy it if you do choose the studio.