Not really sure if it's Deathcore at all, just seems to kind of fit. It's supposed to be a song with a part one and part two. The only reason I didn't put them in the same GP file is because they two parts are in different tunning. Anyways, C4C.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

you've got some good riffs in there, but tbh it just felt like the song just kept dragging on. If you're looking for a more deathcore sound, put some more catchy breakdowns into what you write.
The first one had some killer riffage later on, the main riff was a bit stock, but the stuff after the acoustic verse was sick.
Second song was....eh, some good parts, but the main riff just went no where. Had no vibe. It was just notes. The breakdowns were indeed generic, but hey, only so many ways you can write open notes. The drums were really well written and the lead work was pretty cool.

7/10 in total
Keen to hear with vocals and recorded.
9 flowed a lot better than 10.
the riffs in 9 were a lot better too, in my opinion.
10 was nice, i did like it. section D was my favourite bit. i just felt that each section didn't work well with each other.
it's not bad though.