hey guys. i'm in the process of getting materials for a build (i'll post up a photoshop collage later). i'm just concerned about measurements right now. if some one has a "z" shaped guitar (explorer, ironbird, kelly, etc.) if you could please measure from each corner to that opposite corner on the guitar. i have the design of the guitar i just need to know a rough size for the amount of wood i'm going to need.

thanks guys.
get a free autocad program

go to google and type in Guitar .dwg files, look for project guitar. there are explorers and stuff o nthere, open it with cad program, view the specs. try Rhino, free trial version is awesome.

Edit: thanks, i'll have to try that. here's my design. i just kind of scanned in a drawing and then use my ****ty photoshop skills and this is what came out.