I'm looking for a gutiar theory book to read/teach me over the summer. Suggestions?

Things you should know:
-I'm in the States
-playing for 6 months off of tabs almost exclusively, never really done anything w/ theory before
-play anything between RHCP and GnR(but those 2 mostly)
-I understand steps, tunings, and notes/the fretboard
-I know only most of the the major and minor chords, but already have chord flash cards, so I DO NOT WANT A BOOK about how to play chords(it can have that, as long as it's not the focus)

-I want to learn how to play music on the spot have it sound good, how to string together notes at the drop of a hat and make it sound like a legitimate arrangement.
-I'm interested in writing some basic pieces while actually having a clue about what I'm doing, rather than just doing guesswork until I find something that sounds good.

Stuff about keys, modes, scales, timing, etc. would be great. I'm by no means dumb, so I don't need a remedial level book. However, that doesn't mean that I want a college level book on playing.

Thanks for the help.
I would recomend the "guitar players handbook"

I read it and feel i have a solid understanding of all music espicially the guitar

"half price books" would have it for like 13 bux otherwise it's 28 in a store
it will teach you about chord substitutions which should be what you want in a way to cary your sound

there is a podcast series by a man named desi serna 9 parts that is worth finding he has good youtube videos too

I think if you really wanna be a musician you gotta take it beyond tab
start writing your own stuff right away and recognize the intervls but write it down in tab at first if you dont understand the staff just to get started
i take it back you can do it all with tab but if you gloss over the basics of the staff right now youll have it solid in 6 months so why wait
i have The Guitar Grimoire and there are difrent ones for Theory, Scale, Chords, ect ect
Quote by Baldorr
i have The Guitar Grimoire and there are difrent ones for Theory, Scale, Chords, ect ect

This. I bought the Guitar Grimoire for Scales and it helped a lot - although when I first bought it I didn't know how steps worked or even how the 12 notes of an octave are layed out, so I didn't actually use it until a month or two after I bought it. When I did use it however, it taught me everything I know about intervals as well as really good tips on how to start improvising in any key.
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I just bought a Guitar FretBoard Theory and Four CD's by Desi Serna ------- This study puts four concepts together wonderfully -- the concepts of Pentatonic, Modes, Chord Progressions, and CAGE. I have study each on in of it self but never really got the whole picture. With FretBoard Theory these fundamental conponets are pieced together in a logical and simple manner. My creative awarness has gone thru the roof --- my confidence in understanding what Im doing, and anticipating my next place, all have advanced. I would HIGHLY recommend Guitar FretBoard Theory.

Here is a link.