Umm... Im pretty sure if it isnt to big it will have to much room...If u NEED a hardshell then measure the size of a normal lp and that... but I suggest a gig bag, there easier....
Personally, I would e-mail the site for the proper dimensions.

If you do alot of travelling I say get a hardshell.

If you're a bedroom rocker and don't plan on gigging soon, then a soft shell should suffice imo.
You really gotta watch the generic LP cases. I bought one of those MF LP cases. It fits my epi LP100 but not my epi standard. The standard is a little to long to fit. But the 100 is loose inside the case. You can call em and ask they may give a correct answer.
it wouldn't fit. the upper part of the guitar is longer than that of a les paul.
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