hey everyone. well first of all thanks a lot for that good response to my previous thread. i have another question that i would like to put up. My main fear is that i feel i will make mistakes and that will ruin everything for everybody else as well...

so the thing is that me and two of my other friends r meeting up in another 20 days n have plans for recordin the stuff that we have written. i just need some confidence so that i can do my best. also if someone could tell some exercises for a rhythm player n vocalist....that'll be great... thanks a lot...
Jimmy page left some small mistakes in recordings because he felt it made things more realistic and down to earth.

Oh and a tip, just sing and play everyday like your having fun, if you dont have fun noone else will .

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
^ what Erc posted is SOOOOOOO true. i find i make the fewest/no mistakes when i really get into the music let it take me.
get **** faced then you wont get nervous.

haha only messin, dont get ****faced, maybe just have a couple of beers. or you could have some of them kalms. they seem to steady the nerves

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So you're nervous for recording right? As long as all the members are decent at playing their instruments and you all know exactly where the different parts come in, it'll be fine. If you're struggling at some parts, practice them, my rhythm guitarist was struggling with this part so I swithched it for my part, because he could play that one better, so just play around with it if you're not comfortable. The 'demo song' on my profile was recorded the day after we had our first practice with the drummer, and we did it first take cause we all knew what we were doing, although I wouldn't advise going into studio with only 1 practice session under your belt, we did it cause our drummer is awesome, and both guitarists are used to playing together.

Oh, and what Erc said is a very good quote