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This happened when I was just a lad of about 11, on a perfectly normal night, in the bathroom brushing my teeth.

"Job done" I thought "now to rinse my mouth". But wait a minute...the plastic tumbler that I normally fill with water, isn't there. Not reading too much into it, I just wrap my lips around the cold water tap and turn it on.

Instantly I freak out and start spitting the water back into the sink.

Why, I hear you ask?

A great big bloody spider was hiding inside the tap and was then forced into my mouth by the rushing water. Oh God...memories of it squirming around in my mouth and then running around like a freak after I spit it out still haunt me to this day.
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You can't prove that people DON'T walk on water. turn water into wine etc.
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I would have turned the tap on, then put my mouth up to it.

amen to common sense
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I would have turned the tap on, then put my mouth up to it.


Anyway, I can't really remember being really really afraid of something unless I'm liek hanging out in providence (The Capital of my state) and some group of chavs in following me.
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I just cup my hands to gather water.

Srsly, i freaked out after reading the thread about if everyone dissapeared and i was thinking after i called 3 ppl and noone picked up and i got a returned email from comcast saying it never went through and i heard no noises outside.
I was freakin out for some reason >.>

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I usually don't put my mouth on the tap.


I'll either cup my hands, or just put my mouth to water actually coming down.
...or turn around and grab a dixie cup if my mom bought them.
Last time I got really scared was when my mum nearly died from blood loss after what should've been routine surgery- the surgeon severed an artery. What made me even more scared was the fact that I was 200 miles away, and that I'd have hated to not have said goodbye if it indeed happened.
I had this wicked old lawn mower and something got stuck in the blades. I flipped it on its side to pull some weed stuck in it and as soon as it came out the mower turned back on. If you've ever been about 6 inches from the bottom of a running lawn mower, you'd know what I'm talking about.
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5 years ago me and my friends went to an abandoned house to hang out, it was a cold,dark house made of wood on a hill with the nearest neighbor located 5 Km to the east.
We parked the car, grabbed a few bears and headed inside.
The old wooden windows were banging across the rotten wood making a loud and screechy noise.
We opened the door and headed to the basement since it was the only place which didn't have debris spread along the way..As I was walking down the old stairs I noticed cigarette buts which indicated that we weren't the first ones there (obviously) but I ignored it..
Suddenly I noticed a pentagram drawn on the wooden floor with a red paint (or what I hoped was red paint) with black half burned candles in each peak of the pentagram.. Inside the pentagram there were these weird letters in an unknown language.. We thought , damn, that's cool, lawl, we're inside a cult temple, maybe we'll have sex with virgins ( :P )..
With the corner of my eye I noticed a cloth hanging from the ceiling which was white with red stains on it, I then started to get freaked out sensing that there was a murder committed here and I told everyone to get the hell out and call the police to come and investigate when we all heard some distinct chatter and footsteps above us and there is no way out from the basement.....

To be continued....
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when i was in probably grade 7 or 8 and my brother was around grade 10, he snuck out at night. i didnt know this and i guess when he came back he wanted to come through my window because its easier access than his window. well he got my window open (keep in mind this was around 3) and as i woke up and turned over i hear these sounds, which i think are in my head. then i see a figure coming through my window. it probably wouldntve been so bad if i wasnt younger/it was so late at night.
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lets see any time i ever watch any zombie movies i'm scared, when mr.smith was a spider in lost in space i was terrified of course i was 8 when i saw it but that's not the point
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For some reason about ten or eleven years ago the kids in my neighbourhood split into rival gangs. We wouldn't hang out or talk to anyone else in the other group and when we'd see them we would shout our group name. It was all fun and games until one time my friend and I were coming back from the liquor store and a few of the kids from the other crew started running at us with bats and a chain and I think one of them had a knife. I was really close to being home already so I wasn't too worried but then I started thinking about it and if we had been spotted elsewhere, there was a good chance I could have died.

Most of the kids who were involved in that were sent off to other places by their parents.
It was at a party recently.

I was stoned out of my mind and the cops showed up. Everyone scattered, and I ended up in a friend's car pretending to be passed out so the cops couldn't get to us. I really didn't want to get caught, not to mention my guitar and pedals were down on the stage from when I had been jamming. I was so scared that someone would knock them over/crush them/steal them.

It turned out to just be a noise-related visit, but it still scared the bejeezus out of me regardless.
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About a year ago, me and my friend were beating the crap out of eachother, like we'd randomly do. He spun me strangely which brought me down to the ground. Then one of our other friends jumped on top, then another...then a third. The third guy is a about double my weight (108, I'm really small)
Thats about 400 ish pounds all chillin on top of me, and I'm really ****ing skinny, and I couldn't move.
So I start trying to yell, I CAN'T BREATHE! GET UP! PAUL(the biggest kid, on top) I CAN'T BREATHE
But no one could hear me, and there was so much pressure on my chest, I couldn't breathe in, not even a little. I thought I was gonna pass out and die or something. Luckily, they all finally moved. I've been claustrophobic ever since.
I once freaked out when I was just hanging out as usual. Then this asshole turns on water forcing my into his dirty mouth, spits me into this giant swimming pool and starts screaming like a girl.

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I once freaked out when I was just hanging out as usual. Then this asshole turns on water forcing my into his dirty mouth, spits me into this giant swimming pool and starts screaming like a girl.


Very good, sir.
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You can't prove that people DON'T walk on water. turn water into wine etc.
The time I was not really awake, went into the bathroom in the dark, went to brush my teeth, only to find I'd picked up a shaving razor by accident and had starting bleeding loads from my gums.

That is literally stuff of nightmares.

Oh, and the time I was eating blueberries and a spider walked out.
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I had kidney surgery about a year ago and about six weeks after the surgery I went for my first run. I was tryin to piss in the weeds afterwards when it started to hurt, like the liquid was thicker than piss. I looked down and I was pissing pure dark red blood, it scared the **** out of me.
One time I was taking an epic dump in the toilet. I am talking minor explosions, splashbacks, gratuitous odours.. then I hear this gurgling and squeaking, I turned and looked down and a rat was in the toilet below the **** drowning in the fecal bubbles.. I instantly flushed, with poo dripping on the floor and down my leg in a panic, the furry ****er went down and god damn it was scary..the rat bastard coulda got my balls!
this guy i hung out with for a while was drinking while i was at his house. no big deal to me. so another friend and i are playing some card game while he's in his room talking to his girlfriend. all of a sudden he comes out piss drunk laughing and saying he just broke up with his gf. then he started saying he was gonna blow his brains out and walks to his parents' room. we know there actually is a gun in there so we freak out and instead he comes out with a razor blade. he starts cutting away at his freakin wrist and goes back and locks the door in his room. so we say **** this and call his gf and tell her the situation. finally we just decide to leave.

ten minutes later we get a call from him telling us he was gonna kill whichever one of us told his gf and all.

that was four years ago and needless to say, i havent talked to that guy since.
I just remembered a better story.

...this is an edit BTW....

I was back in middle school and so I had nothing better to do other than ride my bike around the driveway all day. Well as I'm at the end of the driveway near the street, this truck pulls up and skids to a stop. The driver rolls down the window and aims then fires a hand gun right at me.
luckily it wasn't loaded but I was to scared and shocked to even take the plate # down.

He peeled out and headed up the road.

Now my area is normally great...we never have any problems and currently have a lot of annoying little kids around...

But that one had be really scared for those quick seconds when I actually saw the gun and heard the click.............
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One time, me and my friends were driving around and there was this guy driving in the lane beside us. He drove a while PT cruiser and he had a frosted tip hair do and he was talking on a cell phone. So me being the genious I am yell from across the way "HOMO!".

We proceed to drive along to our skateboarding destination. Then Matt, who is driving the car, starts to freak out. I look behind me and this crazy f\uck is tailgating us. So we start driving down this back lane, he's on our tails still, we get onto another street and keep steady. We turn again, of course obeying as many traffic laws as humanly possible, but he simply ignores them.

We continue down this street that only has two lanes. We're going for a couple blocks when this guy pulls out into the oncoming lane and sandwiches us into the curb at an angle.

So this maniac gets out of his vehicle and proceeds to yell and kick Matt's front bumper. So we throw the bitch in reverse and he starts chasing us on foot. After about two blocks we managed to turn around and get the f]uck out of there.

Most adrenaline pumping moment ever. But now that I think of it, there was three teenagers in a car with three skateboards. We could have owned this guy.
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I can't remember any recent events but I remember when I was like 13 or 14 I got chased by a german shepherd. I ran like hell and my heart was racing. I had a phobia of dogs that lasted a while after that.
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Oh and there was this other time when we had this party under a train bridge beside a river. There like like between 30 and 50 people there. We were all chilling. And it was my friend's birthday so he boned some chick in the bushes.

But this one douchebag climbs up onto the bridge and throws a rock at an oncoming freight train. He smashes the window. The train throws on its emergency brakes and calls the police. Everyone leaves right away.

But me and my main group I had no idea until about 20 minutes after everyone left. We were just sitting there enjoying our beers, waiting with this one kid for his ride home when the police show up.

Long story short my one friend almost got thrown in jail cause he's 18 and he had brass knuckles in the car, and he had to throw them in the river.

We almost got fined. But I'm clean cause I didn't bring any ID.

Other than that it was a great night.
I was living a lie, now I'm dying to know the truth...
I broke my femur a couple of years ago (long story as to how that happened).
Anyway, i had been in wheelchair for 6 weeks. Then, I went to crutches. As soon as I triedto go anywhere with them, the first time, I immediately fell over. (It was a very bad break). I was scared ****less.
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I walked through an unfamiliar neighborhood at night with my violin once. That was pretty terrifying.
never walk through a bad neighborhood alone at night with your cellphone ring on the halloween theme song as a ring tone. happened to me when i was 14. scared the **** out of me
When I was 14 I was at home one night and i got a phone call from my sister saying that there was this pakistani stalking her and as she was talking to me she said that she saw in his shadow that he pulled a rope with knots on it out... Damn if he had touched her I would have murdered him and made him suffer, I was so scared....
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I almost had a hardattack at work today. I work at skyline and its aout 1:00 a.m. and im taking the trash out. for one, the dumpster is in the veryback of the parking lot, and two its right by the edge of the woods, and three theres hardley any light at all. So im already being cautious about even being there and quite frankly i was a little scared. I go to throw the trash in the dumpster and this GIANT racoon comes out of nowhere. I made this high pitched noise and i also did that little thing that women do. Ya know that thing where they breathe in really hard really fastlike. It doesnt sound all that bad but i freacked me out..... boring story, i shouldnt even post this....
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...We parked the car, grabbed a few bears and .....


Once when I first was diagnosed with Diabetes, there was a problem with my medication and I was rushed to hospital. We'd left it a few days, because I thought I was just ill, I'd been following me medication properly.

The doctor said that if I'd got there like a day later, there'd have been nothing they could have done.

Pretty scary.
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When i posted an vid that was a piss take of dragon force... it was like my third post but everyone was like old... i got flammed bad and got bout 1000 views in 5 mins lol

edit: proper one this time... i was on a tube on my own comming back from london after hanging out with mates. I look up and some bald guy that looks like lord voldemort winks at me... ive never run so fast when i got off that train
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